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The VMA’s Really, Really Suck

September 7, 2008 3 comments

OMG. The VMAs are really, really awful. I watched them last year, so I probably shouldn’t have expected that they would be anything else but a train wreck….I thought they really had a lot going for them though. Guess I was wrong.

With hopefully not too much of the show left, some of my thoughts on what’s happening:

  • I tuned it for exactly two reasons: the Jonas Brothers, and the cast of Twilight. It is absolutely TERRIBLE how the Jonas Brothers are being treated at the VMAs right now. All week, MTV used the Jonas Brothers (and almost solely the Jonas Brothers) in promos for the VMAs….obviously to bring in viewers. All night, Host Russell Brand Bland has insulted them and used them as the butt of extremely lewd jokes. So much so that half-way through the show he was obviously forced to (half) apologize to the sullen looking Jonas Brothers…poor boys..only to continue to joke about them for the rest of the evening.
  • The Jonas Brothers performance….I liked it, but there seemed to be something weird going on with the mics halfway through. They also looked extremely nervous. Did anyone else notice that? Love Bug is such a beautiful song, but unfortunately it will probably be lost amongst the truly abysmal but flashier pyro-heavy performances of the night.
  • As for the other reason I tuned it: the Twilight cast (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Cam Gigandet) stumbled out from backstage, looking as clueless as every other presenter, and awkwardly trying to figure out how to cram themselves into the narrow aisle they were given. Robert Pattinson was only able to say two words before Russell interupted him…I have no idea why. It was incredibly awkward.

At least they all looked nice?

  • The performances are all over the place. I mean that in every sense of the word. There have been very few performances actually in the venue…on sound stages, at some random club. I imagine it would be incredibly boring to be an audience member…I think I’m probably seeing more by watching it on TV than I would if I was at the show

It just amazes me that an awards show with this much money behind it is, and this many performers involed is such a mess. Would it KILL Mtv to put on a straightforward, rehearsed, and therefore entertaining show? I get the sense that they’re making it up as they go.

Update: Why the HECK did Britney Spears win like…three awards???

Update 2: Well…it’s finally over. Can I have the last 2.5 hours of my life back?? That was just….wow. Bad. Russell Brand…I actually was semi-excited about him hosting. I just can’t believe how completely tasteless and unfunny he was. He ruined the entire show. Note to Mtv…forget having a host next year. What’s the point? It’s not like he was holding the show together or anything. Mad props to Perez Hilton for defending the Jonas Brothers and completely trashing Russell in a post-show interview. Go Perez!


“I think I’ll go to Boston, I think that I’m just tired…”

September 7, 2008 1 comment

How I feel right now.

I am back at school as of Wednesday and it is very unpleasant indeed. I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy so early in the semester. Before this year, the first two weeks at least were pretty laid back. I thought I’d be proactive this year and use those two weeks or so to get really ahead. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to just get what’s assigned done.

-I’ve started reading Don Quixote for my literature class, Major European Novels. I have to read thirty chapters by Tuesday, but I’ve been reading for hours and I’ve only read fifteen chapters. I don’t know why I’m reading so slowly. In any case, I’m really enjoying it. It’s so different from what I expected though. My only exposure to Don Quixote has been seeing bits of the ballet…so I was thinking it was about some gallant guy and his adventures. I had no idea that Don Quixote was actually a fifty-year-old man who is either completely mad or the biggest science-fiction/fantasy nerd of all time. Either way, he apparently imagines that he’s a knight, attacks a windmill he thinks is a giant, etc….it’s hilarious, but really not what I expected. Fun fact!: John Lithgow played Don Quixote in a 2000 tv movie. That would’ve seemed like really weird casting before I read the book, but I think it works.

-One of my classes is Artificial Intelligence. The work so far is all programming which is really easy, but the lectures and material is pretty out there. A lot of the things we’re talking about remind me of this awful class I had in high school called Theory of Knowledge. On the first day, the professor continuously called on people—by NAME—no small feat as there are probably 100+ people in that class. He even called out people and said “You didn’t preregister for this class, did you?”

– Intro to EECS II focuses exclusively on Electrical Engineering apparently. All I’m going to say about this class is that I’ve only had one lecture but I already want to crawl under my bed and hide for the rest of the semester.

-Intro to Algorithms: A class that I’m so far understanding and enjoying. The professor does not call on people randomly and there are lots of programming assignments, so I am pretty happy. My TA is also really nice.

Completely unrelated to school, but last week I went to the Hilltop Steakhouse outside of Boston. It was featured on one of those Food Network shows about Best Steakhouses or something…so here’s two pics:

Huge cactus sign outside

Huge cactus sign outside

Biggest steak i've ever eaten..i have an "after" picture, but there's not much left to show

Biggest steak i've ever eaten...there's an "after" picture but there's not much left to show 😀

Why the Midnight Sun leak was a genius move

September 4, 2008 7 comments

Update: You can directly download the Midnight Sun partial draft from Steph. Meyer’s site here.

Although the news is not exacty new, I thought I’d throw my two cents in about the Midnight Sun leak controversy.

For those of you not in the “Twilight” know, Midnight Sun was going to be the fifth book in author Stephenie Meyer‘s wildly popular, vampire-centered “Twilight” series. Although the storyline recently ended with the just-released and unbelievably controversial Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun would’ve mirrored the events of the first book in the series, except told from the perspective of Edward, the vampire, instead of the main character Bella. This might sound boring to someone who hasn’t read the books, but for fans, it was a much-anticipated treat.

This past week, twelve chapters of Midnight Sun found itself illegally online, allegedly leaked by one of the few people that Stephenie Meyer had given a copy to. Many fans rushed to find and read the leak, while others stayed loyal to Meyer. In the end, though, Stephenie posted an emotional message on her website, including her own link to the twelve chapters, and noting that her sadness over the leak had put Midnight Sun “on hold indefinitely” (on the main page of her site).

Some people have called the leak a marketing scheme, even going as far as accusing Stephenie of being behind the leak herself. I’m not so sure I would go that far, but in this day and age nothing would really surprise me.

In my opinion, though, it was a genius move.

The Midnight Sun leak may have, at least partially, rejuvenated the Twilight franchise in the minds of a faction of embittered Twilight fans reeling over their dislike of Breaking Dawn, myself included (my review). While it can’t heal the wounds caused by the fourth book entirely, Midnight Sun made me almost forget everything I hated about Breaking Dawn, and made me remember everything I loved about the Twilight series in general. It renewed my interest, and I suspect a lot of other fan’s interest (one other at least), something that was desperately needed to ensure the upcoming movie‘s success, or at least it’s likability. There’s nothing worse than a movie adaptation and cynical fans, ready to jump on every minor indiscretion they find in the film, and well-practiced from harping on Breaking Dawn.

I’ve read the released Midnight Sun draft. I guiltily searched for the leaked version, only to realize that Stephenie Meyer had made the draft available on her website, so I read it with a semi-clean conscience. While clearly a rough draft, I loved every minute of it. Hearing things from Edward’s perspective, whose thoughts are both humorous and surprisingly cynical, was so cool. I really like the third and fourth books, New Moon and Eclipse, but I’ve always liked the first book Twilight the best. Midnight Sun let me meet the characters all over again, in a place where I liked them best.

I really hope that Stephenie Meyer decides to continue writing Midnight Sun. I can understand how she feels though, and if I were in her situation, I probably wouldn’t want to finish it either. I’ve read some suggestions that Meyer make the entire thing available for free on her website when it’s finished, but I don’t really think that’s fair to her. As far as Midnight Sun‘s sales go, I don’t think the leak is going to hurt. The leak was a teaser…albeit a really BIG teaser…but it left me wanting more, and I’m willing to pay to get more. I’m sure many people agree with me on that point.

I really haven’t been too happy with Stephenie Meyer recently, but Midnight Sun has made me remember that, Breaking Dawn aside, I really enjoy her books. I wasn’t exactly happy with the way she talked about Breaking Dawn critics, but if I put myself in her position, I’m not sure I would have reacted any differently. Breaking Dawn was her baby (heh…), and although I don’t exactly appreciate some of the comments she’s made, I have to respect her defense of her work and her loyalty to her original ideas. It does at least say something about her, that she stuck with her original plot line, despite probably being well-aware that some people weren’t going to like the direction she took the story. I’m really looking foward to her future work, even if it doesn’t include Midnight Sun.